28 July 2008

Too Much Information

I finally did a "100 Things About Me" meme.

It took way too long.

In the process of doing it, I thought of other things I wouldn't mind "100" listing about. So I decided I would do a link so those lists wouldn't take up space here.

It will not be updated so very often, but as ideas and "things" come up... I'll make other lists. I'm actually working on a couple now. I'll comment as those things get posted (if they do).

This is not why I haven't posted in a week.
I haven't posted because I've had a bit of writer's block.

But, I've been given a little trick to help out with that (thank you CSB), and I had a great weekend, so I'll write something that actually qualifies as a post soon.

For now, if you are interested, I give you the first post on the 100 Things link: "100 Things About Me"

*also, this link is now in the sidebar... near the top*

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