28 June 2008

Not a Poet

Yeah, sure I write a little here and there.
Sometimes it even makes sense.
But, I'm definitely NOT a poet.

Meter, verse, cadence, iambic pentameter, dactylic tetrameter, it all sounds good in theory, but my brain doesn't really work that way. Though, I might be able to come up with a naughty limerick for you... if you give me enough time. (wait, what rhymes with vagina?)

Recently, I've been asked to perform a wedding ceremony. No problem, I've done a couple: stand up, read some stuff, do some things, and (the part that has always been tough for me to get through without tearing up) pronounce the couple married. The most difficult part is putting together the ceremony, mostly because people don't seem to know what it is they want me to say.

The only thing I really know about this upcoming ceremony is that the couple has already written their vows (good, one less thing I have to worry about), and the vows are in the writing style of Dr. Seuss.

Me: "So... do you want the ceremony to follow suit? Rhyming and whatnot?"
Her: "OH! Yeah, that would be great!"

Great. Me and my big mouth.

So, I spent Monday afternoon writing a (very brief) rhyming ceremony. And, every time I read it, I knew it didn't flow right... but dammit, at least it rhymed. I had been working on it for hours, and really needed a different brain to look at it, so I sent it to CSB to see what he thought. And really, thank goodness I did. He read it, fixed it up a little, and sent it back... is there anything this guy can't do?

The ceremony is written. I have a pretty new dress to wear. I have several pair of shoes to choose from (and might bring two... a pair for the pretty, and a pair for the dancing). I have the rest of the week to practice the ceremony so I don't stumble all over my tongue in front of people.

(I actually wrote this on Tuesday, but decided not to post until after the ceremony. I didn't want to give away any surprises...)

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