25 February 2008

Is this thing on? *tap tap*

So, here it is: I need a job.

I would really like to do something different at this point. I've been working in classrooms for years, and I'm ready for a change.

Honestly, I think I'd make a great personal assistant. I've done retail sales, worked in all kinds of offices (from law firms to construction), been a teacher (sorta), and a stay-at-home-mom. At faire, I've done everything from front counter sales, to working in the kitchen, and obviously, gigging in the streets.

I'm VERY organized, detail oriented, friendly, and patient. I'm excellent at planning and coordinating events and parties, great at keeping people motivated and on task, and I learn new skills quickly.

Almost all of you have a job. The way I see it, I have a huge network of people who know me, and have the opportunity every day to hear about job openings. And, maybe, just maybe, one of you is searching for someone to hire right now... or knows of someone who is. So, I'm putting it out there to the universe, to tribe, to the blogosphere, to anyone who will listen: I want to work.

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