24 February 2008

I can haz broked computer? rly?!?

It finally happened... my hard drive decided it didn't like me anymore. It was a bitter break up, but with a LOT of help (thank you, CSB), I'm back with a working desktop. New hard drive, upgraded RAM, it's better than it was before. We built it better, stronger, faster (yes, by the way, you weren't the only one in the room to get that reference).

Somewhere in the process of "fixing Giddy's computer," I found myself leaning over CSB's shoulder watching photo files transfer from one hard drive to the other. Nothing but a little window and words flickering by as each picture copied. As the name of each picture winked by, the image appeared in my head. Over nine thousand pictures and graphics... years of my life reduced to words and phrases, each triggering a flash of memory. No time to even consider each one, just a mental flip book of my life over the last five or so years.

It was odd.

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