13 March 2010

O Hai

Imagine my surprise this morning when I logged into my blog to add a link and noticed that my latest post was dated 2009.  I was shocked.  2009!  That is SO last year!

How has this happened?  How could so much time have passed?  I'm an English teacher who forces my students to write in a journal every day, and yet I can't seem to post once in two and a half months.  That can't be right.

It really is amazing how quickly time can pass when one is working full time, taking accelerated courses (a semester every month if you can believe it), dealing with two internships, and mommying.  I try to take one evening a week for "me time."  This usually includes a glass of wine and catching up on whatever is on the tivo (Survivor!) or playing video games... and of course some laughing and snuggling with the ever-patient, oh-so-wonderful CSB.  I don't even know how to explain everything he's done, and how amazing he's been without sounding like a completely schmoopy goob, so I won't.

One would think that in this "me time" I might sit down and write a post or two.  Unfortunately, by the time I get an evening "off" I usually am unable to think in full & coherent sentences.  Anyone who has seen me in a social setting recently can probably attest to this sad yet true fact.  I suppose this is also the point where I  apologize for being so bad at keeping up with communications with most of my friends.  I promise, as soon as I have my teaching credential and master's degree, we'll have a drink & catch up.  At this point, we're looking at about a year (depending on how many classes I drop).

Another thing which has occurred to me lately is that I actually like my job.  For the first time ever, I am concerned that the things I say and the things I do might cause me to lose my job, and I actually care.  I suppose this whole teacher thing has kinda gotten to me.  I seem to actually be enjoying it and have heard that some people might think I'm good at it... I'm not entirely sure what might happen to me if I am told I can't do it anymore.  As much as I fought against the idea of "being a teacher," I suppose that is exactly what and who I am... and I really don't mind it. 

It is really funny, now that I've done it for almost two school years, every assumption I ever made about teachers has disappeared.  Only to be replaced by a new found reality, understanding of, and respect for the people who spend every day of their lives focused on someone else's child.  In her emmy acceptance speech, Sandra Bullock thanked, "the moms that take care of the babies and the children no matter where they come from," and although I understand exactly what she meant, a little part of my brain added teachers to her intended meaning. 

If you missed it, you can see her speech here  (have a tissue handy).

Anyway, I suppose all this is just to say hi, and to let you (if there are any of "you" left... aside from my mom and CSB) know that I'm still here, and plan to continue blogging.....

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Yuuup, I'mmm stilll here...