17 March 2009

My Boyfriend

...wants to get chickens.


Seriously... you have no idea how excited I am. I love animals... even more, I love animals that are "odd."

Yes, please, can we have chickens?!?

BTW, have I mentioned that I've always wanted a feinting goat?

I love goats. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to own a goat... and at some point after that, I heard about the feinting goat, and there is no question, if I ever have the opportunity, I WILL have one of these:

Isn't he cute? Yes indeed, if I'm going to have a goat... I'll probably have this little guy. And then I'll run up and yell at him, and he'll fall over stiff, and I'll die laughing...

Is that wrong?


Anonymous said...

chickens and goats and boyfriends, OH MY!!!

Audra said...

You are broken. I love it.

Anonymous said...

did you know we raised chickens when i was a kid? we did. I loved them. LOVED.

Plus fresh eggs rock

and they make fertilizer.

and goats are cool.

now I must sleep.

Unknown said...

I had pet chickens!! Clementine was my favorite, she would follow me. We had a rooster too, but he was of the devil. Scariest thing I ever saw. I keep telling my husband I want a goat. I had one as a kid. Awesome!! I love the little feinting guy!

Jesslyn said...

I love you...
(Dude, can I come over and play with your goat?)

Chris Wilson said...

Oh no, not wrong, but very much right.