09 December 2008

Frozen Solid

I'm sure I've mentioned it before...

I am a California Girl. No question. Seriously... ask me if I want to go play in the snow, you'll see me shudder, and have a very minor seizure... I get tics and fits just thinking about setting foot in the snow. Not that I won't go somewhere that it snows, just don't expect me to actually go out in it. I'm fully happy to sit inside, sipping a nice warm adult beverage, sitting by a fire, looking at the beautiful landscape, and reading a book or blogging or something.

The last time I was somewhere while it was snowing was when I was in Reno visiting Drew while he was in the hospital. I found myself in a casino in the middle of the night (shocking), my friends were gambling, and I was done for the night... and for some reason, I decided to step outside. It was just beginning to lightly snow, and there was a light dusting on the ground... at that moment, it was perfectly quiet on the street, and for the first time in my life, I understood why people enjoyed snowfall. It was beautiful (although damn cold).

I do remember driving up for Drew's memorial service (9 or 10 months later), and stopping for gas. I opened the car door, and stepped ankle deep in a pile of slushy snow. ick. Funny, that would have been the first time CSB saw me react to having to deal with snow ("omg! get it off get it off!!" or something like that). I'm pretty sure he laughed at me, then laughed even harder to find the gas station closed, and I had to go somewhere else... in the snow.

Fast forward to today... about two years later.

For those of you who don't know, I am currently living in a "converted" garage. "Converted" means that the floor is linoleum tile squares stuck to the concrete floor (yes, there is a big rug over most of the floor). About three feet from the garage door, there is an uninsulated sheet rock wall to protect me from the great wilderness. Hey! I think if you live less than two miles from a wildlife preserve/bird sanctuary, and practically IN the delta/slough, you are allowed to call it "wilderness". I promise, when I come to yer big city, I won't gawk at the open mindedness, or stare too much at teh gays.

I woke up this morning and it was COLD. Not just "oh wow is it chilly" cold, but more like, "oooomg wwwwwtf is this still California?" COLD. So cold, I couldn't even imagine getting in the shower... yes, the shower is hot... but, the moments before and after... no, I just wasn't interested in that kind of freezing. So, as I'm getting dressed I hear Tela start her car (not unusual considering the driveway is about 10 feet from my bed), and it idles for a bit... then I hear an odd noise...*swipe swipe swipe*

It takes my brain a minute to place it... and then again *swipe swipe swipe*... and I know exactly what it is. The cars are frozen. Not just "a little icy" but seriously frozen. *swipe swipe swipe swipe* Windshield wipers on ice... damn.

Now I understand just how cold it actually is, and take into consideration one of the benefits of living in a garage... I know I need to leave about five minutes earlier to let my car defrost. I do appreciate having the opportunity to rent the "west wing" (my room, ShortBus's room, and the "guest" bathroom) from Tela... but there are definitely times when I'm extra aware that I'm practically living outside.

These are the times I seriously can't wait to move out.

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Anonymous said...

I hate the sound of wipers on ice. Hate it. But I love snow. I like to play in it for 20 minutes and then come inside and spike a hot chocolate and drink it by the window.