15 May 2008

In Review...

Because I'm lazy...
Because its too hot to think...
Because I feel bad for not posting AT ALL for the month of May yet (technically)...
Because my heart seems to have wings...
Because I feel so behind here, and just want to catch up....

Here are a few quick blurbs, and a couple of photos, which sum up everything I've meant to say in the last couple of weeks:

1- I had FABULOUS fun actually dancing some Newcastle English Country dances. I never dance (qualifier: unless I've been drinking, or I'm alone), and it was so much fun to get up and do a couple of dances. Exhilerating. Thank you all so much, I can not even express how much it meant to me. I can't wait to do it again.

2- May Day was so much fun, the notes I have call it "The Thursday that felt like TWO Saturdays." Waking up early and taking BART into the city (that was actually only my third time on BART, so although I played it "cool," I was kinda jazzed... then a little nauseated, then jazzed again) was worth it.

The Bruno band did a great job entertaining the masses on their way to work, welcoming the sun, and generally amusing me with their antics (a fortunate side effect, not a goal).

Music in the morning, beer for brunch, sushi, a nap, then back out for the "after party," overall, it was a wonderful day, and I'm glad that they don't seem to mind including me in their fun.

3- Caine's Crossing Faire in Auburn was a great time. It was a little faire, but busier than we expected, and we were all glad that we had the extra hands... for the first time, we were overstaffed, and practically fighting over who "got" to work a few times:

Person 1: "I'll check the Toads"
Person 2: "I was just going to do that"
Person 1: "Don't worry I've got it"
Person 2: "No, really, I'll do it"
Person 3: "Did the timer go off? I just checked them and set the timer"
Person 2: "No, but its about to, how hot was the oven?"
Person 1: "Don't worry, I'll check them"
By this point Person 4 had walked into the "kitchen" and opened the oven, "anyone check the Toads?"

I did thoroughly appreciate having a booth full of 'type A' personalities. We all took initiative, and (as far as I can tell) no one really had to work too hard. Although, we were told that we weren't allowed to drink, and thus had to be very discreet about our pouring methods:

And, really, I just want to include this one... because it makes me smile in a really big, goofy way:

...yeah, it could have been a really cute picture... *snicker* boys... sheesh.


Bubblewench said...

That looks like a bunch of fun! Nice puppies there... Sexy mama!

Ernest said...

may day should be a holiday, dammit.

I spent mayday attending and paying for a training that my work requires but would not pay for. irony would be tasty were it not for the fact that it cost me $200.