07 April 2008

Monday, Monday

alarm. 5:30 am - he gets up, turns it off... curls back in.

alarm. a few times after that...three? maybe four? - he is up, turns it off... curls back in.

alarm. 6:30 am - girl does math... morning math... pre-coffee math... with time. Girl falls back to sleep while doing math-time-sleepy-sex logic. d'oh. Barely hears boy get up to go shower.

quiet. 6:56 am - girl hears bedroom door. senses slowly coming to life, smells boy. smells coffee. smiles.

7:04 am - he says, "I'm sorry about my alarm this morning." girl thinks about how happy she is that the alarm went off early, and that she got to be a little more aware of the last hour of cuddling. says, "eh... its ok." smiles.

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