12 June 2007

Worse than the Kids

Ah... the mighty blog. A place where the pen really is mightier than the sword. A place where the crazy runs at my own personal pace. A place where I don't really want to vent about work, but I don't have anywhere else, and well, I started this so I had a place to write about stuff.

I think today has nearly been the worst day in the history of 'worst days. Yes, I've had days where I've come home with bruises and bite marks (and not the good kind). Yes, I've had days where I've gone directly to the hospital after work. Yes, I've had days where I thought my head would explode if I had to spend any more time sweet talking a 15 year old who was calling me a "fucking stinky-ass cunt" (lovely aren't they?).

But, some days, the staff are worse than the students. I honestly don't remember another time when I've been so close to walking off a job... rent be damned.

In a job like this communication is imperative. The staff at this type of facility spend most of their day attempting to teach the residents how to communicate effectively, how to get their needs met without resorting to violence, how to act "appropriately" so that they can be a part of the community again.

When the adults can't even accomplish this for themselves, I don't know how we can expect them to model the behavior for the kids. It really truly makes my stomach turn, and my heart hurt to see adults behaving worse than the messed-up kids they deal with.


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CamiKaos said...

I don't have much to say on your post, because it is very sad, and very true.

However, I love your shoe header.