18 May 2007


This has been the longest week ever.

I started working Monday at a group home/school facility (the kids live/work/go to school on site). So, I've been up at 5am... getting ready, dropping The Short Bus off with The Ex, going to work. Home at 3:30.. picking up the ShortBus at 4:30... making dinner, getting ready for the next day, and dropping into bed exhausted.

On top of it all....

Tuesday; I stepped in a hole at work and nearly broke my ankle. On the way to the hospital, I check my voice mail, and find out that Kindercare is jerking us around, so I have to spend the weekend looking for a new pre-school. The worst part of that is that this Kindercare is like 3 blocks from the house... and an equal distance for The Ex. Damn. It was so convenient.

Wednesday; I go in for x-rays and wait 2 hours for something that took a grand total of five minutes. Then find out that Wednesdays are staff meeting days at work and I'm expected to stay until 4pm (instead of my usual 3). No one told me this... I found out at 3:00... when the meeting started to run me into overtime and I leaned over and asked the girl sitting next to me. Great.

Friday; 3 minutes before I run out the door The Short Bus throws up... not just a little urp... we're talking Exorcist style. It was even green... thank goodness we had pesto pizza for dinner the night before. I do what I can to clean him up... take him to The Ex and say something along the lines of, "he just barfed, I did what I could, but he kinda stinks, and please brush his teeth."

Leave work early, go to mediation (which went really well), go pick up The Short Bus, and my ex-mother-in-law says, "he kind of stinks, you should give him a bath."

Golly, Thanks.

I'm so happy this week is over.


CamiKaos said...

what. a. week.

I was thnking my week was hard, I am so hopeful that your next week will be so much smoother.

Bubblewench said...

WOW! That was a long week.... Glad you made it through! Hope this one is better.