27 January 2007

Caviar Dreams

The Muse is back... (thanks smarty pants).

Friday was my birthday (and seriously, thanks to everyone for all the love and happy wishes, it was great to feel so special... and not in the short bus way I usually feel speical). I've been relatively grumpy lately, so I decided that midnight to midnight on the 26th would be "happy time." Everything icky that I've been dealing with with for months and months (and some of it longer), I was planning to put it aside and just have 24 hours of pure unadulterated happiness.

Actually, I was amazed. Deciding that I was going to have a happy day actually worked. I mean really, for the most part, everything was great. I was in a good mood, cheerful even, and from 7am to about 11:30 pm I had an amazing day. It wasn't the 24 hours I was aiming for... but, it was pretty close.

Considering that midnight to three in the morning (early Friday the 26th) I was in a shouting match with my "husband" (more to come on this later... perhaps much later, we'll see). Then from 11:30 pm until about two in the morning (Friday night to Saturday morning), he decided to push me hard enough that I finally agreed that our relationship is over. Yes. That was his gift to me. And, it was so much sweeter than the gifts I received on our 10th anniversary. Let's just say I didn't get either the traditional gift [Tin or Aluminum] or the modern gift [diamond jewlery]... but henceforth the 10 year anniversary will be known as the "vibrator and buffet" anniversary... well, it will be for me anyway.

I don't quite know where to go from here... but, at least I know where I am. Possibly for the first time in my life, I know exactly where I am.

(See Muse, I told you I'd "out" myself soon enough. *pbthththththth*)


CamiKaos said...

love you.

Anonymous said...

more happy days to come full 24hr happy days! and ur always special not just in the short bus way (altho mainly ;p)